Jennifer Lopez's Home Videos Will Go Public Next Week

Jennifer Lopez's Home Videos Will Go Public Next Week
Oh, this is going to get ugly. Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband, Ojani Noa, is not backing down. Ojani's agent, Ed Meyer, told Radar Online he will make the home videos public (the ones that Jennifer is suing to keep Ojani from selling).

"Jennifer Lopez does not want the home videos to be entered into the open court record, where the media and the public can get copies of them and watch or share them. I will be filing the videos into the public court record on Monday."

Ed claims Jennifer's legal counsel (which already has an injunction in place to keep Ojani from selling the videos) has not acted in good faith, so he sent this email to her attorneys (and, conveniently, media outlets).

"I will be filing ALL, repeat ALL, Documents, 11 hours + of Home Videos, DVDs, Photographs, etc., at the Court Clerks window." Meyer told that Jlo's attorney did not file proof of service, allowing a court hearing scheduled for Tuesday to go forward. He also made it clear that he felt he was being duped by his adversary.


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