Billy Bush Interviews Jennifer Lopez

JLo Here with @billybush his hair is interesting he said he just watched me "crush my rehearsal" so sweet!!

Jennifer Lopez will be doing an interview with Billy Bush that is said to be aired on both Access Hollywood and his radio show. He is with her as she rehearses for her American Music Awards performance tonight.

Gotta say it... The body on @jlo is unbelievable. She is fit and ready to rumble. Watch out sunday night. u will b pleased

So cute. @jlo 's daughter emmy keeps reaching out for mama as she walks by in rehearsal..she just stopped to pick her up. Serious bond.

Inside AMA rehearsals....checking out seating chart. @jlo is 2 away from Eminem in front. Lambert best Idol seat. Power ladies up front

Intvwing @jlo in 2 hours...last chance harvey - wattya wanna hear? from UberTwitter

Exclusive with @jlo tonight at her AMA rehearsal. Looking forward to it. Anything u especially want me to ask? from UberTwitter


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