Jennifer Lopez to Star in New Film

Jennifer Lopez will be working on a new film in the near future. She is set to film a new movie titled, "Dead Serious," which also features the accomplished actor, Martin Landua. Martin will also be the executive producer of the film starring Jennifer Lopez, and with his legandary status you can expect big things from this film.

Here is the link to an interview the actor did which confirms the new film.

Excerpts from Interview:

I’m going to do a movie with Jennifer Lopez next, which I’m executive producing, as well.

Capone: You are?

ML: I’m acting in it.

Capone: What’s it called?

ML: DEAD SERIOUS. It’s a film noir, like POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE, DOUBLE INDEMNITY. It’s got that kind of quality. We had hired a director who didn’t get it and did a rewrite and it was abysmal, and we gave him another shot at it and it was worse. He didn’t get it, so we are now in the process of getting another director, but anyways that’s next.

Excerpts from Another Interview:

As for what he’s working on next, Landau reveals,
“I’m going to do a movie next with Jennifer Lopez, a film noir kind of movie like Double Indemnity - a lot of that stuff. We hired a director who did a pass on the script and it was terrible. We gave them another shot and it was worse. It’s a very good script as it is but the guy didn’t get it. I won’t mention his name. It looked like it was written by a farmer with a rake. It’s a good script and it’s gotten better but he didn’t get it. He’s one of the friends of another one of the producers and it took a lot of time. But now there’s a guy we’re very interested in and we’re talking to him. But that’s going to go. That’s a go project. It’s a very good one for her. It’s good.”

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DundlerM said...

this is so exciting she is doing movies again and this one will be great. that guy is a classic actor.