Jennifer Lopez on Access Hollywood

Jennifer Lopez was on Access Hollywood tonight with Billy Bush.
She was seated with Billy in the isles of the stadium where the American Music Awards will be held in Los Angeles. The video showed a clip of Jennifer rehersing wearing a brown long sleeve sweater. In the interview Billy informed Jennifer on Oprah's decision to quite her show and Jennifer commented and shared her feelings on Oprah and what she has done for others.

As for the radio interview he did with Jennifer, also at her rehearsals for the AMA's, Billy says that along with a video interview will air this coming Monday. Everyone get ready to tune into is radio show and Access Hollywood.

Billy Bush tweet;
J.LO - TV and Radio monday night...RT @myra817: @BillyBush when does the jlo interview air?

Jennifer Lopez' personal pictures she tweeted from her American Music Awards rehearsals.

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