VIDEO: Jennifer Lopez at Power 106 FM

Here is a video and picture from Kiss FM, video features Jennifer Lopez and JoJo Wright. - I met Jennifer Lopez!!!!! She is the most amazing human ever!!!!! Omg omg omg omg I am dying I talk to @JLO!!!

Heard some new Jennifer Lopez and I couldn't believe it!!! She is back!!! Ladies put your Louboutin heels on!!!

Jennifer Lopez and JoJo Wright talk about Twitter

Look who I bumped into today! @JLO - - FYI: Next week get ready for the Jennifer Lopez interview on @1027kiisfm



Anonymous said...

omg she is too damn cute in that video

Jasmine said...

Haha this video is so damn funny and she's so damn cute. I can't stop looking at it, i've repeated it like 4 times haha I love this.

The JLo Spot said...

Me too Jasmine lol