Jennifer Lopez White Party Performance in Palm Springs Untagged, HQ Pix & Video

In this post we have added Untagged, HQ pictures of Jennifer Lopez performing at the White Party in Palm Springs California at the Wyndham Resort in 2001. We have also added videos of all 3 of Jennifer's performances from the show which include, Love Don't Cost a Thing, Play, and Waiting For Tonight, all available for download.

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Jennifer Lopez Love Dont Cost a Thing White Party Performance

Jennifer Lopez Play White Party Performance

Jennifer Lopez Waiting For Tonight White Party Performance


Michael Jackson/Jennifer Lopez- "I Wanna Be Where You Are" and "Gotta Be There"

In honor of Michael Jackson's Birthday, and well since this is a Jennifer Lopez blog, we have added these two great songs. The first one is the original version of Michael's, "I Wanna Be Where You Are." And the second song is off the album brave called, "Gotta Be There" by Jennifer Lopez using a sample of Michael's song.

Jennifer Lopez Interview

Here is a video that includes an interview and behind the scenes video of Jennifer Lopez for her Como Ama Una Mujer album. Its not in English, but it has some good stuff.
Check it out.

Jennifer Lopez Interview reportage Fun people (fun tv)

Jennifer Lopez & Alex O'Loughlin film "The Back Up Plan"

Here is a video of Jennifer Lopez filming, "The Back Up Plan," in New York. It is candid video filmed by Pam, an Alex O'Loughlin fan. This took place on July 16, 2009 on Duane Street, Tribeca section of Manhattan, New York. Jennifer is filming a scene on the farmer's market set. Zoe (Jen's character) is going to see Stan (Alex' character), who has a cheese stand. She sees him talking and flirting with another vendor in the market. Zoe turns around and leaves. Aww : ( lol

Jennifer Lopez films scene from The Backup Plan

And check out these pictures below she got to take with Alex O'Loughlin and other pix on set of The Back Up Plan.

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To see more pictures and videos of Alex by Pam go here.


Jennifer Lopez Fashionable Sunglasses

From CFS:

Jennifer Lopez - Dsquared - DQ 0019

Ummmm, so as excited as we are about this new brand, Dsquared, I'm not sure how excited we are about this pair. Like obviously it's a shape for women, but the chunkiness of the frames along with the big gold logo just isn't as flattering as a style for women could be. Maybe it's just not the right pair for Jenny from the block :)

Jennifer Lopez - Barton Perreira - Breed Love

Damn, these look nice on Jennifer. It's from Barton Perreira and it's called Breed Love. This aviator style has a lot more fullness to the teardrop shape than most aviators. It's also rocking some leather detailing across the bridge on the frame. You could almost compare these to a Rolex; they're timeless and luxurious. Definitely a style for men, and women can wear them too ;)

Jennifer Lopez - Tom Ford - TF131 Lilliana

This is like the perfect pair of Tom Fords for Jennifer to wear. The Lilliana has everything we love; it's big, it's a beautiful color and it has the window of space between the temple and the lens. Ladies, this is another really good one from Tom Ford to pick up.

Jennifer Lopez - Roberto Cavalli - Orine 183S

I was just asking myself what ever happened to that J-Lo lady and BAM, here she is, new haircut and all. Honestly, these look hot on Jennifer and match her color really well. It's kinda like an aviator shape with temples that have the Cavalli RC logo covered in crystals. You can buy these here.

Jennifer Lopez - YSL - 6184/S

Jennifer is wearing everyone's favorite YSL style here. We believe that all the ladies like this one because it's like a fashion style that looks kinda casual or sporty with the clear temple detailing. That or YSL is handing these out on Hollywood Blvd. You can find these here.

Jennifer Lopez - Lanvin - Saratoga

Jennifer was seen recently in Lanvin sunglasses. Who's Lanvin you ask? Well, I'll just tell you that it's one of the best French designers around and you should check out their stuff at We haven't seen a lot of stars in this one, but believe us when we say these are a must have. Hopefully we will see more sunglasses from this amazing designer.

Jennifer Lopez - DVB - #2

Jennifer was spotted in DVB style #2. This has become a popular style with the stars as just recently Miley Cirus was seen in the same style. Who do you think owns it?

Jennifer Lopez - Balenciaga - BAL 0003/N/S

J-Lo is wearing Balenciaga and the more that I see this pair the less I like it. It does look nice on some stars, but really the shape is kind of odd and old looking. Even though I've given this a 4 before, this time it's getting a 3. Available here!

J.Lo, Britney, Mariah & Jessica: Star Scent Out This Fall

With over a dozen celebs launching signature scents over the next few months, Hollywood is going to be smelling fine this fall. The big question on our minds, however, is who’s got what it takes to create the biggest fragrance sensation? Four of our favorite celebrity perfumers are adding to their already well-established scent empires with new editions.

Jennifer Lopez will release romantic My Glow, Britney Spears is debuting Circus Fantasy by Britney Spears, Mariah Carey will release Forever, as we told you yesterday, and Jessica Simpson’s business partner recently dished to us about her new Fancy Love But we want to know which you are looking forward to! Vote for which celeb scent you think will smell the best on People's website.

Jennifer Lopez Nominated for Alma Award

At this years Alma Awards, the Award ceremony will be aired on September 18th on ABC. It will be hosted by Eva Longoria and George Lopez, who are both nominees for their roles in “Desperate Housewives” and “Mr.Troop Mom” respectively.

Salma Hayek will be given due respect by the Anthony Quinn Award for Industry Excellence ,and De La Hoya will be honored with the Special Achievement in Sports Television.

A special posthumous tribute will be given to Ricardo Montalban who passed away in January last year, by the West Side Story star Rita Moreno.

There will be a crucial tussle for the Best Actress Award between Oscar winner Penelope Cruz, Eva Mandes ,Cameron Diaz and Sofia Vergar and a close fight between Javier Bardem, Joaquin Phoenix, Cheech Marin and Alfred Molina for the Best Actor Award.

For the musical section we will see the achievement trophies handed over to someone among Enrique Iglesias, Maxwell, Christina Aguilera and the Black Eyed Peas. For the 2009 Fashion Icon Award the contenders are Elsa Benitez, Gisele Bundchen, Fergie, Daisy Fuentes, Adriana Lima, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Alessandra Amrosia, and Eva Longoria Parker.

StarFlash: J. Lo & More

Jennifer Lopez Birthday Party Inside Candid Photos

A Few More Pix Added
More pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez' 40th Birthday Party at Edison Ballroom in New York City on July 25, just last month. For INSIDE EXCLUSIVE CANDID PIX click here.

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Click on Thumbnails to see larger image