Jennifer Lopez Wins Case Against Ex-Hubby

It's not like she needs the money. But Jennifer Lopez just scored some sweet revenge on her blabbing ex.

A Los Angeles judge has upheld a $545,000 award that the multi-hyphenate diva won against first husband Ojani Noa after she sued him for writing a tell-all tome about their doomed relationship.

The Cuban-born former waiter hoped to have the sum tossed on a technicality—seems his original lawyer wasn't authorized to practice law, oops!

Lopez sued after Noa wrote a salacious book outlining her "multiple duplicitous sexual affairs" behind Noa's back (including a tryst with Marc Anthony while he was married to ex-Miss Universe Dayanara Torres) in violation of a 2002 confidentiality agreement.

Noa wound up losing during arbitration, which he failed to appear for. The book was blocked from being published. And now mom has some extra cash for Max and Emme's Halloween treats.

Jennifer Lopez & Angelina Jolie Get from thier Daddy

Interesting news involving JLo in a round about way:

Study: Attractive Dads Make Ugly Sons, Beautiful Daughters

Beautiful women like Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie can thank their fathers for their good looks, according to a study from the University of St. Andrews in England.

The study found that while attractive dads pass on their good looks to daughters, the sons aren’t quite so lucky, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Professors David Perrett and Elisabeth Cornwell, of University of St. Andrews, said a mother’s beauty makes no difference to her adult sons.

For the study, which is published in the journal Animal Behavior, Perrett and Cornwell studied students’ family photo albums and collected more than 100 photos of females and 100 photos of males and their parents over the years.

The photos were judged separately for attractiveness and femininity or masculinity.

Perrett said it has previously been suggested that a woman could increase her reproductive success by choosing a "sexy" mate, but his study contradicts that theory.

"We checked to see if male and female facial traits are inherited,” he said. “For the male line, we find that facial masculinity conforms to the rule 'like father, like son.’ Masculine dads have masculine sons. But we did not find any evidence that facial attractiveness is passed from father to son.”

Jennifer Lopez Leaving a Store In West Hollywood

Here are candid images of Jennifer Lopez Leaving a Store In West Hollywood.
Jennifer Lopez was spotted out shopping with her friend Leah Remini in West Hollywood, where they stopped by the store Rochebobois.

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Jennifer Lopez signs first-look deal with Universal Media Studios

American actress Jennifer Lopez along with her company Nuyorican Productions has signed a first-look deal with Universal Media Studios.

Lopez runs Nuyorican with producing partner Simon Fields, and according to the terms of the two-year pact, the company will create a wide variety of TV projects for the studio, reports Variety.

The deal was announced by NBC Entertainment and Universal Media Studios co-chairman Ben Silverman on October 27, and it reunites Lopez with NBC.

Under Lopez and Fields, Nuyorican has been busy expanding its TV development, having sold a small screen version of the Lopez feature “Maid in Manhattan” to ABC, as well as the project “Amigas” to Disney Channel.

Nuyorican’s TV credits also include the UPN drama “South Beach,” the Univision mini “Como ama una mujer” and the MTV dance show “Dancelife.”

Natalie Portman and Jennifer Lopez are interchangable

Natalie Portman is set to star with Scott Cohen and Charlie Tahan in "Love and Other Impossible Pursuits," a Don Roos-directed adaptation of an Ayelet Waldman novel.

Produced by Marc Platt, the film will begin shooting in Manhattan on Nov. 10. Roos wrote the script.

Story revolves around a young woman who finds the key to recovering her marriage in her relationship with her precocious stepson.

The project becomes the first film funded by Incentive Filmed Entertainment. The financing entity was unveiled by William Morris at the Cannes film fest, with $100 million in production financing and a plan to fund films with budgets under $15 million. Incentive then licenses rights to both foreign and domestic distributors.

Portman will be executive producer under her handsomecharlie films banner. The shingle has a first-look deal with Participant Prods., and Portman recently wrote and directed "Eve," a short film that starred Lauren Bacall, Ben Gazzara and Olivia Thirlby.

David Molner, managing director of Screen Capital Intl. and chairman of Incentive Filmed Entertainment, said Portman’s deal salvages a film that was imperiled when Jennifer Lopez abruptly dropped out.

"We were left in the lurch by one actress and rescued by another," Molner said. "It goes to show that, particularly with independent features, nothing is more important than the talent. It’s a blessing that Natalie loved the script and now we’ve got a strong film that we can sell at AFM."

Platt, who just produced the Jonathan Demme-directed "Rachel Getting Married," is in production on the Rob Marshall-directed "Nine" for the Weinstein Co. and Relativity. Platt exec produced Roos’ most recent film, "Happy Endings," and as Orion’s production head, supervised Roos’ first film as a writer, the 1992 drama "Love Field." Platt gave the Waldman book to Roos and lobbied him to direct after Roos turned in a strong adaptation.

JLo's People Magazine Pictures

Here we have posted a number of different pictures of issues featuring Jennifer Lopez on the Cover of People Magazine throughout the years, as well as some inside features on JLo.
Enjoy all the images posted below.

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