Jennifer Lopez #1 on Yahoo Search Engine

Jennifer Lopez is currently number one most searched topic on Yahoo Search Engine. She just performed at tonight's American Music Awards about an hour ago and is now the

Check the list here on their home page.



Jasmine said...

Aahhh people love JLo, then again she is the most amazing artist, you just gotta love her.

Shevy said...

Here FOTO video was the most popular on you tube.

She as 4 different name searches in the top 40 on google, 3 of which are in the top 5 on google as Jennifer Lopez and JLo and so on.

She was in the top ten talked about topics on Twitter.

Our girl is killin it even if the hater talk shit.

oh and Btw that girl u hate rihanna she was boring last night

Shevy said...

oh and today she is the most popular search on youtube in the entertainment category.

Angel Villa Gutierrez said...

Yay! Thanks for posting this up for everyone to see that means a lot to me! Thanks for listening to my previous comment and making this a post!!

The JLo Spot said...

No Prob.

Jasmine said...

Well I hate to say this but she's the most poplular search cus she "fell". But that was 1 thing, It's great she Vid for FOTO is so popular on youtube. So yeah our girl is killing it, there will always be haters but they don't know what the hell there talking about cus that are the kind of people that think rihanna is a great singer and beyonce the best designer and singer and... blah blah! stupid fuckers.

Of course rihanna was boring, who even cares about her, she's ugly to watch & painful to hear.