Jennifer Lopez on Jay Leno Tonight

Jennifer Lopez will be on Jay Leno Tonight. Today Jay Leno, Jennifer's record company, Epic records, and JLo herself tweeted confirming her upcoming appearance.

I'm hanging out with @nbcjay tonight.

Tonight on @NBCJAY: @billmaher, @jlo (Jennifer Lopez) on Ten@Ten and @adamcarolla & More!

@JLO may or may not be on Jay Leno tonight....bwahahah :)



Angel Villa Gutierrez said...

So I saw the pictures of her @ Jay Leno's Show already!!!! She is wearing a black, glittery dress!!! She looks amazing!!! She got asked if she reads the tabloids and she answered yes!! Then she got asked what her reaction was when she sliped at the AMA’s, and she said Holy S***!!! ha ha she was so funny!!!! Love you Jennifer!!!

Go to

for a preview of her!!!!

The JLo Spot said...

Thanks Angel for the link!

Angel Villa Gutierrez said...

ur welcome