Jennifer Lopez aka Lola featured on ET

Jennifer Lopez was shown on today's episode of Entertainment Tonight. They had an exclusive all access look at Jennifer Lopez out on October 24th.

They were with Jennifer when she performed No Me Ames at American Airlines Arena, and when she was at Club LIV to unveil "Fresh Out the Oven," as Lola.
They showed video of Jennifer speaking with the crowed, dancing at the club, and performing at AAA.

They were also with Jennifer the next day as she attended the Miami Dolphins vs New Orleans Saints game.

And Check out Jennifer Lopez aka Lola's site for another clip of the "Fresh Out The Oven," video.

This tweet was made by Lola where you can follow her to keep up with the latest updates on the new video.

"Another taste of the FRESH OUT THE OVEN video: God, I'm such a tease!

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