Steal Her Style: Jennifer Lopez is Gray in LA

Jennifer Lopez left her Louboutins at home while visiting a Los Angeles bookstore over the weekend. Instead, she looked super chic in a pair of khaki Elizabeth and James lace up slouchy booties ($335, To get the rest of her look, get a cowl neck grey sweater ($48,, cover your hair with a stylish grey newsboy hat ($39, ) and cuff a pair of boyfriend jeans (on sale for $20, Finish the look off with a pair of oversized diamond stud earrings ($12, We've given you JLo's style secrets, but we will leave the falling gracefully in front of milions for you to figure out.


Jennifer Lopez on Jay Leno Tonight

Jennifer Lopez will be on Jay Leno Tonight. Today Jay Leno, Jennifer's record company, Epic records, and JLo herself tweeted confirming her upcoming appearance.

I'm hanging out with @nbcjay tonight.

Tonight on @NBCJAY: @billmaher, @jlo (Jennifer Lopez) on Ten@Ten and @adamcarolla & More!

@JLO may or may not be on Jay Leno tonight....bwahahah :)


Jennifer Lopez Fan Encounter in Miami

Here we have added another fan encounter with Jennifer Lopez. This time she was seen at a the Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills game at the Land Shark Stadium in Miami, Florida on October 4, 2009.

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Story by DP

There my wife and I were, enjoying an ironic Bud Light outside Landshark Stadium in Miami, chilling out before the NFL game Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills game (October 4 2009).

I spotted an orange carpet area leading into Landshark Stadium and whilst it was only populated by burly security guards and wimpy looking photographers I had a feeling that someone famous would walk down the day-glo carpet on their way to the big game.

My wife said that maybe some old players would go by, but none of the A-list people who are associated with the new ‘all-star’ Dolphins ownership.

Rather optimistically I stood near to the door, leaning on the metal barrier, for about 20 minutes. I just had a feeling I guess. I asked other fans who were loitering if they were expecting anyone, and no-one actually knew why they were there either.

Then suddenly like an orange hurricane the hand held mics began to crackle into action, the snappers started adjusting their lenses, and a swarm of people appeared around both sides of the barrier.

Being 6 ft 3 I had a great view, and there she was, yes I was standing about 2 metres away from Jenny from the Block, the Maid from Manhattan, none other than Jennifer Lopez or as the paparazzi call her J-Lo.

Wearing a flowing orange dress (maybe Dolphin orange) J-Lo strolled down the carpet with her weasel like husband Mark Anthony (who looked ill). J-Lo was joined by the Dolphins billionaire majority owner Stephen Ross to do an interview with some make-up caked airhead.

Standing so close to J-Lo is kinda weird, and whilst I had no plans to try and cause any trouble I found it remarkable how easy it would have been for a crazed person to attack J-Lo and her stoat (weasel) faced hubby.

Now I have seen some pretty famous people in my time, and even interviewed some NFL players past and present, but seeing J-Lo is quite a memorable moment.

(My wife) Still wont want me to buy any of her films or listen to any of her tunes.


Jennifer Lopez's Home Videos Will Go Public Next Week

Jennifer Lopez's Home Videos Will Go Public Next Week
Oh, this is going to get ugly. Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband, Ojani Noa, is not backing down. Ojani's agent, Ed Meyer, told Radar Online he will make the home videos public (the ones that Jennifer is suing to keep Ojani from selling).

"Jennifer Lopez does not want the home videos to be entered into the open court record, where the media and the public can get copies of them and watch or share them. I will be filing the videos into the public court record on Monday."

Ed claims Jennifer's legal counsel (which already has an injunction in place to keep Ojani from selling the videos) has not acted in good faith, so he sent this email to her attorneys (and, conveniently, media outlets).

"I will be filing ALL, repeat ALL, Documents, 11 hours + of Home Videos, DVDs, Photographs, etc., at the Court Clerks window." Meyer told that Jlo's attorney did not file proof of service, allowing a court hearing scheduled for Tuesday to go forward. He also made it clear that he felt he was being duped by his adversary.


Jennifer Lopez’ Ex Is Countersuing

Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband is planning a lawsuit against her for $100 million.

Ojani Noa, Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband, is preparing a lawsuit against her and her business and legal team for $100 million.

Lopez first sued Noa after he attempted to release a home video of Lopez who was pants-less on a motorcycle. She sued for $10 million and also got a temporary restraining order to stop the film from being available to the public.

Noa’s suit files charges against Lopez, her father, lawyers and business associates for interfering with his project and for fraud. Noa’s attorney claims that Lopez’s mother sold some of the video footage to Univision without his permission.

The court date for the exes is scheduled for December 1. The two were married for 11 months between February 1997 and January 1998.

Source two

Noa's nine-figure suit charges Lopez, her father, lawyers and business associates with interfering in the project -- and for fraud.

Lopez's mother, Noa's attorney claims, sold some of that home-video footage to Spanish language station Univision for $30,000 without Noa's permission.

[Ojani's] attorney said Friday: "I believe that I have an unalienable First Amendment right to enter the JLo home videos into the public court record, so as to defend myself. If Judge Chalfant has a problem with this, he can have me hauled out of the courtroom in handcuffs in front of the world media."


UPDATE: Jennifer Lopez shops @ Book Soup Bookstore West Hollywood 11.28.09


Dressed for chilly weather in a gray sweater and matching scarf and cap, Jennifer Lopez was spotted out shopping in West Hollywood on Saturday (November 28).

Also sporting large diamond earrings and floppy brown boots, J-Lo dropped into Book Soup Bookstore with her bodyguard - making a few purchases before hading out the exit and climbing into her new black Audi Q7 SUV.

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Jennifer Lopez's ex Ojani Noa will make their private videos public: There's 'maybe one spanking'

Jennifer Lopez can at least hope her sexy honeymoon tapes turn out to be as popular as her flop "Gigli."

The executive producer trying to make a movie with J.Lo's ex-husband Ojani Noa is threatening to put 11 hours of footage and unspecified photographs into court files, where the public could have access unless a judge seals them.

"I will be filing everything, repeat everything, in support of my opposition at the clerk's window," producer Ed Meyer wrote in a threatening e-mail to J.Lo's lawyer Thursday.

"If the judge finds me in contempt on Tuesday, then the world media will be there to see me led out of the courtroom in handcuffs."

Meyer said it's going to take a federal judge to stop him.

"It's time for someone in Hollywood to stand up to [Lopez's attorneys], and I'm that person," he wrote.

Lopez filed a $10 million lawsuit earlier this month claiming Noa is violating a confidentiality agreement with his alleged intent to incorporate the footage into a Borat-style mockumentary about his life as a Cuban immigrant.

Beauty Trend Alert: 1940s Updos with J.Lo & Eva Mendes

As some of the hottest Latinas are demonstrating, retro updos are an elegant option for evening occasions—or for debuting your new single and performing an intricate dance routine on national television. See how versatile the style is? The dos look clean and intricate, but several versions are actually easy to achieve. Here are some steps to take to copy the looks.

Step 1: Smooth hair and create a deep side part at the front of the crown.

Step 2: Gather the hair that you parted to one side and either roll it or braid it, starting at the front of your head and going around the side; pin the roll or braid around your head as you go, until you get to the back of your head.

Step 3: Gather all of your hair together at the base of your neck; tease it at the roots.

Step 4, version 1: Make a French twist and roll the ends at the top of your head, securing with bobby pins. This will give you the Eva Mendes look.

Step 4, version 2: Roll all of your hair up—as if you were winding it around a roller—then secure the roll to your head. This will give you Jennifer Lopez’s look.


Jennifer Lopez visits a Doctor in Beverly Hills 11.25.09

Here are pictures of Jennifer Lopez visiting her doctor in Beverly Hills earlier today.

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