Jennifer Lopez’ Ex Is Countersuing

Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband is planning a lawsuit against her for $100 million.

Ojani Noa, Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband, is preparing a lawsuit against her and her business and legal team for $100 million.

Lopez first sued Noa after he attempted to release a home video of Lopez who was pants-less on a motorcycle. She sued for $10 million and also got a temporary restraining order to stop the film from being available to the public.

Noa’s suit files charges against Lopez, her father, lawyers and business associates for interfering with his project and for fraud. Noa’s attorney claims that Lopez’s mother sold some of the video footage to Univision without his permission.

The court date for the exes is scheduled for December 1. The two were married for 11 months between February 1997 and January 1998.

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Noa's nine-figure suit charges Lopez, her father, lawyers and business associates with interfering in the project -- and for fraud.

Lopez's mother, Noa's attorney claims, sold some of that home-video footage to Spanish language station Univision for $30,000 without Noa's permission.

[Ojani's] attorney said Friday: "I believe that I have an unalienable First Amendment right to enter the JLo home videos into the public court record, so as to defend myself. If Judge Chalfant has a problem with this, he can have me hauled out of the courtroom in handcuffs in front of the world media."


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