Jennifer Lopez on KIIS FM

The show just ended with Jennifer Lopez and they played "Fresh Out the Oven," as the closing song to sign her off.

Jennifer Lopez KIIS FM Interview Recap:

Jennifer talked about the name of her new cd, "Love?," and her new song and video "Fresh Out the Oven." She explains that Amanda Ghost, the head of her record label brought her the song and insisted she sing it with Pitbull because she loved it. But Jennifer didn't want it on the cd because she felt it didn't go with the theme of the cd so they featured it as a "Lola" (not Jennifer) song. It is not on the cd but might be included as a bonus.

She revealed that Marc was mad at the cd title "Love?" (because of the question mark) and when asked what she should be called, Lola or what, she said, "No, you can call me Jennifer or J.Lo."

"Love?" will be out early next year, and her new single, "Louboutins," will be out next week. Jen also said that the song "Louboutins," is describing the type of girl that puts on her hottest dress and leaves her man and not the type that sits and cries over her man and gets picked up by her girlfriends.
Jennifer also said she will be performing "Louboutins," at the American Music Awards, which will also be the song's debut.

Right now she is listening to Pop, Hip Hop, Salsa, and loves the new Jay-Z cd, and a lot Michael Jackson. Her favorite MJ song is "Smooth Criminal," because of the video.
Jen said she will be on SNL for her new movie "The Back Up Plan," in February or March as Host and Musical Guest.

Jennifer said one of her favorite restaurants in California is Madeo's and she said she loves cupcakes. Her favorite is chocolate on chocolate (chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting), with a little bit of milk. She says that turns her into a little 6 year old girl. How cute.



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