Jennifer Lopez New Single & Greatest Hits Coming

According to RNB Kidd, an intern at Sony Records Jennifer Lopez will soon be releasing a new single and performing the song on stage in November. Here is a quote from the Sony intern who released the information.

"J Lo is readying her 1st (cough cough) single "Louboutins" - song will be sent to radio in the next 2-3 weeks and she'll be performing it on the AMA's. "

Another fan, Jlosfanman confirms the new single as well;

"my cousin natasha is interning at b96 here in chicago and she found out that there a song "LOUBOUTINS" by jennifer lopez coming to the playlist on a couple days into november and jennifer is coming to chicago because shes coming in mid november to the station to promote it!"

If true, all J.Lo fans in Chicago look out for Jen in your area next month.

And according to Anesha, one of the producers that Jennifer Lopez has worked with on her upcoming new cd, it is confirmed that she will also be releasing a Greatest Hits album as well.
It was once stated by a few sources that the Greatest Hits was no more, but now it is confirmed to be back on.

Anesha Tweet;
"anteaisaplus no actually, its 2 on this album and 2 more, I think, being held for her Greatest Hits album"



Jasmine said...

Wow this whole thing is really confusing, i'm not folowing...
Fresh out the oven, another song, a gh and a new album? Dont see how all of that is going to work out? So many new things and not one single release date, keep up the good work guys! Haha

The JLo Spot said...