Jennifer Lopez to Sing New Single 'Louboutins' at 2009 AMAs

From A.S.

has a sixth studio album "" coming out next year. As an advance of the effort, a lead single called "Louboutins" will be sent to radios next month and will be showcased live at 2009 American Music Awards on November 22.
"Louboutins" reportedly is produced by Christopher "Tricky" Stewart and written by . The song actually was meant to be recorded for 's forthcoming release. Following Brandy's exit from Epic Records, it was handed over to J-Lo. Other reports claim that Beyonce herself was interested in the song as well.

Jennifer Lopez is expected to release "Love?" on January 25, 2010. A promotional single called "Fresh Out the Oven" has been unveiled earlier this month. Coming from production hands of , the dance track has lending his vocals on the lines.

Though confirmed to have been recorded only for fun and will not be included in Jennifer's new album, "Fresh Out the Oven" has got a music video treatment. During her visit to nightclub LIV over the weekend with , the video was debuted. Some of the party goers at the venue have taped and uploaded it on YouTube.



Anonymous said...

I wonder what the song sounds like? I can't wait to hear it! -- Cattt

Anonymous said...

You know, I hope the CD does really well cuz ppl slept on her last CD. I was on a message board awhile back and ppl were talking about CD's that ppl totally passed on, but were good and Jen was one of them. --- Cattt

The JLo Spot said...

Its supposed to be Uptempo Club song. Thats what Anesha said.

And yeah Brave really was slept on. I hope this is a great comeback for her. It even sounds weird using Jen and comeback in the same sentence cus she is so famous and such and icon.

Anonymous said...

Brandy has the best vocals out of them 3 ... Jalo is gonna have a blest havings B'rocka's Left over ... yonce is so unoriginal ...always payin 2 get writtin credits

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