Jennifer Lopez at Club LIV as "Lola" Miami 10.24.09

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Pictures and story provided by fannnnnnn

she was wearing a silver dress really futuristic. her BODY is banging! i gotta say, I have seen her live before (when she was pregnant) but she looks way better in person than she does in video..IF THATS EVEN POSSIBLE. she made her grand enterance as a light shined on her as she was up top in a vip section. she waved at fans and the entire club went wild and was in complete awe. it took me like 10 seconds for it to hit me. she was THAT beautiful. she waved right at me several times and smiled because I was going nuts waving at her. they then showed a montage of her hit videos. she then made her way to the stair way. she told the crowd that she was happy to party with everyone and that she was gonna reveal some exclusive "new shit" they then played fresh out the oven as she made her way through the crowd and to the opposite end of the club where she stayed in that VIP party area with marc, benny and all her people. while she was walking through the crowd she walked 2 feet in front of me and i couldn't believe i was so close to her! security was crazy though! she told everyone to look at the screens and they played the music video!!! i gotta say its FIREE!!!! whoever hates the song will love it now! its one of her best! sooooooo HOT, its perfect!!! i'll post clips in a few. bascialy i had a great night. spoke with benny and asked for an autograph but by that time Jen already left. she came, and left in about 45mins time. she took everyones breath away in every sense. wow!! and the remixes of FOTO are amazing!!! i feel like i can't even put my feelings in words sorry if this is a mess!"
"video sort of feels like eyes wide shut or a DARK if you had my love with a little of janet's "son of a gun" thrown in the mix. theres parts that she walks and her presence looks so powerful. lots of bed stuff too like in that promo pic of her shoe. i can't wait to see it again when its officially out. damn i can't sleep now! lol

Video of J.Lo at Club LIV 2



Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that was so great! I love the fan info too! I totally love the 2nd vid. Was that the intro to the video? Anywho, I can't wait to see the vid!!!!!! -- Cattt

The JLo Spot said...

I really dont know. I dont know what clip or part of the music video that is. But the music playing in the 2nd video is not her's.
Its just a random song playing in the club but they kept her music video on loop and played it the whole night.

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the videos of this