Fan Story 2: Jennifer Lopez at Club LIV as "Lola"

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Story provided by Christobal

"Ok so my camera is dead so I will add video and pics later...but you guys prob won't need them because there were so many photographers! But anyhow all the waitresses wore tees that said LOLA in purple. While I was outside trying to get in a lot of people were talking and asking Omg Omg is JLo really gonna be here tonight? There was a huge image on the building and inside the club.
Everything went as the waitress told me it would she came at 1 and left 45 mins later. First what happened was music was playing normally and everything then the lights changed a little and everybody started screaming and pointing up at one of the VIP booths above the dance floor that are made out of glass so you could see her and she was waving at everyone, she waved at me to cuz I was jumping up down and yelling like crazy like fannn I guess lol. Marc was by her side so was Lance Bass and her friend Loren Ridinger. She started dancing to the music and I mean really jamming to it!!
This kept going for a while and she kept waving down as everyone was freaking out yelling her name and you could her so many people saying "Omg she looks amazing." I've seen Jen before up close when I was on TRL with her but thats when she was trying to hide the pregnancy so tonight was the first time I had seen her with her amazing body.
Btw it was hilarious how the VIP booth that was next to her was just all in shock and just staring at her since like I said they are made of glass. Then they did a video montage starting with My love don't cost a thing to Get Right, and then they played Waiting for Tonight when everyone went crazy yelling!!! Then she walked down the stair case with Benny and Marc and said she was so happy to have everyone here tonight and a couple other things and said tonight we have some new "shit" to show you and said look at the screen and the video played but it was across from the staircase and everyone was paying more attention to her than the video so she walked down through the crowd and into another VIP booth where Kim Kardashian was. But I don't think a lot of people got a good look at the video with the actual song cuz they were to busy looking at what she was doing. But the video is very washed out and has almost the same coloring as AIF the original video, the only color that really stuck out were her red lips that kept popping up on the screen. Like I said it looks more like a photo shoot because it's a lot of rapid clips. There is no dance break but they're a part where she struts then bends over, drops down and starts grinding on the floor and like really acting all flexible and sexy like in Shakira's SheWolf when she is in the cage. There is also her moving her torso on the bed and her or some other girl licks this guy in the face and there is also a part where she is putting on the shoes in the promo pic and putting on the ring that's in the promo pic.
Pitbull is completely surrounded by girls and jen wears all these really really tight clothes in leopard print, black and gray. Her hair is really chopped up in the video. The whole video is just pure sex sex sex. And omg don't get me started on the remixes they played two or three and they were fucking amazzzinggg!!! 100 times better than the original!!! But they are of course techno sounding. I think the remix would shoot straight to number one on the dance charts! The video kept playing the whole night while other songs were playing. They played a lot of her songs too, like do it well, hold it don't drop it, get right, and waiting for tonight. It was amazing the club basicaly stood still in awww when she was there. I kinda got out of hand and went on top of one of the VIP booths to try and dance and get a better pic of her and I was asked to get down by security. lol She was smiling the whole time except when they took pics and she did the pout. lol She was really enjoying herself dancing. All in all it went really well. She should do more of those to get her name out there again.

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oh wow! I totally love her outfit! U can tell she stood out from the crowd! And thanks for the fan info! -- Cattt