Hey guys, we have been in contact with a producer from a tv show in India and we have been tying to get a hold of a rare, great video he has of Jennifer Lopez. His show featured an exclusive interview with her that was filmed in Hong Kong. And now we have finally gotten that video.

Here is his latest message to us and we would like to thank him for all his hard work on finding the video for us, editing it and sharing it with us all. Thanks papuly2k.

This message has been edited as to not give away any personal info, and private info and messages.

"the entire show that i shot and edited is almost 42 mins... 5 segments - the first 3 segments are a rockumentary on her life, music and movies - and the final 2 segments are the interview - we only got 20 mins of rolling time with her... i was thinking putting the entire thing up - but... "

"...they are brilliant segments as it gives a grt overview... when the show aired in India and Hong Kong..."

"it was shot way back in ---- when her movie the wedding planner had released. she was a brilliant lady... very down to earth and friendly."

Pt 1

Pt 2

Pt 3



Jasmine said...

Oh wow thanks :)
Don't have time to watch them now, can I download them somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Omg, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

The JLo Spot said...

I can upload them for you if you want. Let me know if you want me to, and I will put the links up.

Jasmine said...

that would be great, thanks

anirban bhattacharyya said...

hi this is anirban here (papuly2k) - i really want to thank the hosts for the site for putting up the interview that i had filmed, and for giving me this grt opportunity to share it with all her fans... thank you!!!

The JLo Spot said...

And thank you Anirban for sharing your wonderful story with us, and allowing us to post it on our site :)