Jennifer Lopez aka "Lola" in Miami

Jennifer Lopez at LIV Night Club in Miami this Saturday night.
As advertised on LIVNightClub.
Some sources are reporting that the music video for "Fresh Out the Oven" will make its debut as well at the club on Saturday night. Although we have no official news on whether Jennifer will be performing, debuting her new video, or both. The only confirmation we have is that "Lola" will be making an appearance at LIV.

Jennifer Lopez aka Lola also has a new Twitter page. Her old page tweets the following about her appearance at LIV Miami Night Club.
Old Lola Twitter page
"Haven’t had a night out in a while… Look out Miami, Lola will be bringing the party to you this Saturday!

And her new twitter page has the following message.

What’s the hottest spot in Miami? Lola is gonna break out her Louboutin's and show you how it’s done.
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Can’t wait to see all my ladies in Miami tomorrow. Hope you bring you’re a-game, ‘cause you KNOW I’m bringing mine!
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Anonymous said...

Dang, I wonder how it went? I wish I was there. --- Cattt

Anonymous said...

Cool! I'm on Twitter! -- Cattt

Shevy said...

Tweet her Cattt lol

Anonymous said...

I did, Shevy! And I said I wish I was there! -- Cattt

Shevy said...

Cool : )