Jennifer Lopez will not be known as 'Lola'

When Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull released their new single, "Fresh Out of the Oven" many speculated that instead of "J. Lo" Jenny would now be known as "Lola." This is because the website used to promote the song is located at and accompanies a dancer on the Site that moves to the Song.

Epic Records President Amanda Ghost assures listeners and the media that this is a not a new persona. Sources tell People Magazine that "she hasn't become Sasha," referring to Beyonce's alter ego Sasha Fierce.

The track can be found on the website, and iTunes.

"Jennifer and Pitbull got together and the record leaked. Lola is a fun character just for this song." - Amanda Ghost



Anonymous said...

I think this is all straight from JLo and Company made for marketing. I also like the name Fresh Out the Oven, but I don't know about the song. I have to listen to it a couple of times. -- Cattt

Shevy said...

Yeah Cattt, listen to it some more, cus I was the same way. But now I Love It. : )