Jennifer Lopez Album Update

Jennifer Lopez has been making moves online in the last couple days with a viral campaign to begin promotion of her next album. The project, due in January, will be titled Love?. Prior to the release of Love?, Jennifer has premiered the Pitbull-featured buzz track "Fresh Out Of The Oven" (Download MP3 HERE), which will not be featured on the album. The song has been released under her new alter-ego named Lola, a personality only being used for "Oven" &, therefore, will have no part in the Love? album. Lola even has her own site, which you can visit HERE.

"Fresh Out Of The Oven" is produced by Pharrell Williams and it was recently reported that Jenny had recorded a song with Pitbull called "Lola" ... not to mention that she had shot a video for it, which either we have yet to see or simply resulted in the promotional material present on the Lola website. *Deep breath* Ya catch all that? Now, if this new song is any indication of what we can expect from Jennifer's new album, then I can hardly wait! The track is hot, especially the hook that starts it off. I'm not at all fond of Pitbull, but that's only a problem this song has. I'm beyond ready for J.Lo to make a strong return & with this urban sound, she definitely has the potential to dominate!


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