J.Lo's Brookville neighborhood tops list of wealthiest U.S. towns

The Gold Coast village of Brookville is the wealthiest community in the United States, according to a survey published yesterday by BusinessWeek magazine.

Brookville was one of nine Long Island communities to make the magazine's list of the country's 25 wealthiest towns, based on research by the Gadberry Group, of Little Rock, Ark.

The village's mayor, Caroline Zimmermann Bazzini, said Brookville residents likely felt the pain of recession much less than most other folks.

"You have to assume that people have had a change in their financial status," Bazzini said. "But if there are problems, there are none showing here."

Brookville residents had the highest average net worth of any town on the list: $1.67 million. The enclave's well-to-do denizens had an average annual income of $328,000, ranking it seventh on the list.

Survey data were collected before the stock market collapsed last fall, the magazine said.

Though Brookville is home to tabloid regulars Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, most residents are not prone to ostentatious displays of fame and fortune, Bazzini said.

"There's certainly, no doubt, a lot of Wall Street people who live in this area," Bazzini said. "[But] Brookville is a very quiet, tranquil community in which people, I believe, come here to live a relatively quiet life. This is not a place where you're about showing your wealth to your neighbors."


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