J.Lo Restless On Comeback Trail

Jennifer Lopez is itching to get her career on the comeback trail. She's experienced the thrill of international stardom, and now she longs to return to the spotlight.

Lopez is ''practically crawling up the walls,'' anxious to get her stalled career back on track -- especially her film work. That's why she's been meeting with longtime mentor Benny Medina, to jump-start a movie deal to put her back in the spotlight. ''She loves Marc [Anthony, her husband] and her babies, but the career still comes first for her,'' said a longtime J. Lo friend Thursday.

The 39 year old Lopez stars in the new film Plan B. She has high hopes for the movie.

In the movie she plays a gal who happens to meet a perfect man after she becomes pregnant through IVF.


Anonymous said...

I was so excited to hear this news along with yesterdays news about her possibly recording! Thanks for the updates! -- Cattt

Shevy said...

Yes all of this new information is pretty great. Now we know what she has been up to.

The JLo Spot said...

No prob Cattt. Glad you enjoy it : )