Jennifer Lopez’s side ponytail hairstyle with beret

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Jennifer Lopez at the 2004 Kids Choice Awards wearing her hair in a side ponytail hairstyle with beret.

Hairstyle: Fun, flirty side ponytail hairstyle with crochet lilac beret.

Color: Brunette with Caramel tones. Similar colors to achieve are: Golden brown, Ash brown with caramel highlights, Light Brown, Light Ash Brown.

When to wear this celebrity hairstyle:
Jennifer Lopez’s side ponytail hairstyle with beret is fun, flirty and sexy too! Wear this hairstyle to more casual events, out with friends, and could possibly work in clubs and dances depending on the attire. Try switching out the beret for other hat styles depending on the occasion, attire and time of day. This hairstyle is very chic and could be tried out on just about any age.

Tips on achieving this celebrity hairstyle:
As you can see Jennifer Lopez is rocking a very chic side ponytail hairstyle, However not all of her her hair is in a ponytail, a thick chunk of hair in the back is also left down. You will also need a hat or beret, and a curling iron to achieve the thick ringlet that her ponytail was styled in. Remember to use a hair-friendly elastic band or hair accessory that wont rip and snag your strands.

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Anonymous said...

she looks so cute w taht hair
it fits for that award show