Jennifer Lopez & Celeb scents

People and places, mirth and melancholia; each are easily evoked by the faintest whiff of an appropriate aroma. This is why we've spent hundreds of years and dollars following our noses...

Buying a slice of Hollywood glam is also an option for scent shoppers. Elizabeth Taylor was the first actress to dabble commercially in fragrance, but Jennifer Lopez is credited with triggering the celebrity scent boom following 2002’s release of Glow by JLO.

"Most people can’t afford a Marc Jacobs handbag or a Vera Wang wedding gown but they can afford the fragrances and this is a way of buying into the designer’s world," says Anita, noting that today half of Coty’s fragrance portfolio is made up of celebrity brands. "With celebrities, we feel like we know them, even referring to them on a first name basis – Kylie, Sarah Jessica, Gwen – and if we like the celebrity, we might feel like we’re buying into their glamorous life."

Below are pictures of a number of fragrances by Jennifer Lopez, including two new upcoming fragrances she is working on for mothers and babies.

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Carla said...

I just love all her perfumes, I love all the Glows the best. I wonder what Live Luxe smells like though. i never had that one.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could say that I have smelled all of them, but I haven't and really want to. I remember Glow and I have Jen's Still. I have Still lotion also. Still is really nice and I get alot of compliments at work for it! Its also a nice compliment for Jen! : D --- Cattt

The JLo Spot said...

I have a few of them myself, but this girl is too fast for me. Lol, I cant keep up with the amount of fragrances she puts out lol.
I think its best to get the ones that come in sets, that way you get more stuff for a good price. Sometimes for less then what the perfume cost by itself.

Thats funny about the compliments Cattt, cus I can always tell when someone is wearing Glow. Its just a very unique smell that sticks out : )

The JLo Spot said...

I love Glow also Carla. I think its her best too.

Jasmine said...

haha yes she's too fast!! and Yes i can tell too when people wear glow, I can also tell when they wear Still, Live & Deseo :)
My fav are Glow & Live

The JLo Spot said...

Wow Jasmine, those are my favorites too. Especially Glow, its the best. And Live and sweet and strong, I love them.
I have never smelt Deseo for Women though.

Jasmine said...

haha shevy ;)
Deseo is nice but it's not as unique as glow & live.
Yes I always sayed Glow is the best too but i recently bought Live again and I'm ADDICTED to that smell. I so so love it.

Shevy said...

I know, I love Live Jasmine : )
I need to smell almost everything she has. I dont even know what live luxe smells like. I only have about 3 of her perfumes.

Jasmine said...

I don't know what Live luxe smells like either, I also never smelled glow after dark and sunkissed glow.
I still need so many of them. I need: sunkissed glow, glow after dark, love at first, miami glow, live luxe & live platinum.
Oh man that's alot :)

The JLo Spot said...

I have never smelt those either. I wish I could have them all lol. I need all the ones you need too, but I do have Miami Glow : )