Booty Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder

Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Biel are among the stars known for particularly striking assets.

In the words of that great 20th century poet Sir Mix-A-Lot: "Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake that healthy butt. Baby got back."

Forget that wasted waif look; curves are in. What Pamela Anderson did (with a little help) for breasts, celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce Knowles and Kim Kardashian have done (naturally) for the behind.

And these days when a woman asks, "Does my butt look big in these pants?" she just may want to hear you say yes.

Booty is the new cleavage - and that's not a crack about plumbers. The posterior has, intentionally or not, become the focal point of the female form - at least for generations X and Y.

"There's certainly a sense that part of the body is getting privileged treatment as opposed to other body parts," says Robert Thompson, professor of media and culture at Syracuse University.

"One of the most refreshing things is that it's allowed us to consider attractive a much wider range of body types," Thompson says. "Anything that allows more body types into an arena we find attractive is always a good thing."

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Anonymous said...

I also believe this is great because it allows us to hopefully accept more body types that are beautiful and not just the waif thin types. -- Cattt

Shevy said...

I feel the same way Cattt. And of course we all know that out Jen was the first one to really do this, and impact Hollywood in a big way.

Anonymous said...

I know, Shevy, and I remember that comment Cindy Crawford made when Jen first poised from the back showing off her bottom and Cindy seemed liked she was mortified and couldn't believe she would actually do that. It shows the ignorance. -- Cattt

Shevy said...

Yeah Cattt your right. I remember Cindy Crawford maid a comment about Jen's body before. I dont remember word for word what she said but she said something about her not liking Jens body.
Like you said so ignorant, and tacky of her.