Jennifer Lopez on Access Hollywood pt 1

Today was the air date for the new Jennifer Lopez interview on Access Hollywood, and of course the proud mama talked about her beautiful babies. She reveled that her son, Max's first word was, "Dada," and Emme's was "Mama." She talked about their birthday party and how she let them put their hands in the birthday cake. She also said about Max, "I don't know if he's gonna sing, but he has the biggest loudest voice just like his dad." And later went on to imitate daughter Emme as she mocked her by dancing as Emme did at one of Jen's photo shoots.
She mentioned as far as work goes that traveling without them is a big traumatizing thing for her.
Jennifer was also very playful and did a little dance during the previews for her interview, which was recored at Electric Lady Studios. She did the interview in one of their large booths, where you can even see a piano and guitar in the background.
But sorry guys, no mention of her new music or film projects.

And look for a part 2 of the Jennifer Lopez interview to air on Access Hollywood. In part 2 of her interview, she will be talking about the possibility of having more kids.

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