Exclusive Photo: Is Jennifer Lopez' hubby Marc Flirting with Danger?

Either Marc Anthony's hands have a mind of their own, or someone has a lot of explaining to do!

Marc and wife Jennifer Lopez were at a party hosted by Valentino and the Weinstein Company at L.A.'s Andaz Hotel when Marc was spotted cozying up to a sexy brunette — while sitting next to his wife!

"I was shocked when I saw it," says an eyewitness, who adds that Marc and J.Lo weren't exactly affectionate after that.

While Marc's publicist insists that the mysterious woman is a longtime friend of the couple, one thing's for sure — Marc and the lady certainly are chummy!

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Jasmine said...

What the hell is wrong with him!?!
Even if this woman is a long time friend, you can't be touching other peoples legs when your wife is sitting next to you!!

Carla said...

oh no she's right there what a dick


The JLo Spot said...

Well, that lady is a long time friend of Jen's. And since Jen is there, I am sure its innocent.

But since we all know how controlling marc is, there is no way Jen could get away with having her hand on another mans leg.

I guess he is one of those double standard guys, where the rules are different for him, but his woman is not allowed to do what he does.

Dont think thats cool at all.

Anonymous said...

Marc looks like an old man trying to keep his balance for dear life. -- Cattt

The JLo Spot said...

""Marc looks like an old man trying to keep his balance for dear life. -- Cattt""

LOL thats funny : )

Anonymous said...

marc needs a new life and jen need a new man!!