Jennifer Lopez Back with Benny Medina

According to the NY Post, Nicole Richie has relieved Benny Medina from his services as her manager and consultant. Benny shut down his management company, Handprint Entertainment, in January, but several stars, including Nicole, kept him on as a consultant.

But last week Nicole had enough and cut him loose.

Nicole’s rep refused to comment, but Benny refused to admit he’d been fired. Rather, he said he’s a consultant and is hired on a per job basis.

“I closed a deal on a clothing line for her but I’m a pay-for-play consultant. A gun for hire,” Benny explained. “If something comes across my desk, I’ll call, but I’m not holding purses anymore.”

Ben y has served as manager to Jennifer Lopez (who fired him in 2003), Tyra Banks (who fired him in 2007), Mariah Carey (who fired him in 2008), and Eva Pigford (who fired him in 2006). There are rumors that Benny is reconnecting with Jennifer Lopez this year.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I can't help but wonder what is going on with Benny and his clients. He had some high profile ppl on his list. -- Cattt

The JLo Spot said...

Yes he did, he had Will Smith Tyra, and of course he had JLo for the longest. Maybe people just feel like they need to move on.

Here is a link about him and Tyra, which also mentions JLo in it.