Jennifer Lopez Comments on "Hooked On You"

Jennifer Lopez has personally commented on her new song, "Hooked On You," today on her official website. This is the message she posted earlier;

"I’m always excited about my music and this is one of a few tracks I’m currently working on. I’m flattered by everyone’s interest in the track and really excited for you to hear the real thing! Check back soon for more information on my next release."

And all the interest for the song must have helped because Jennifer Lopez herself was the #3 most searched topic on Yahoo's "top searches," in the beginning of the week. This is great news for the superstar to be back in the news and have great buzz created for her music again.

To downlaod the full version of the new Jennifer Lopez song Hooked On You, Click Here!


Anonymous said...

oh wow that's great news! i have seen her song on other websites, too! I also hope this means Jen's music is picking up great buzz! -- Cattt

The JLo Spot said...

So far it appears that way. All the youtube videos for this song have really hight ratings and hight view counts : )

sepideh said...

her song so nice.
only j.lo

Anonymous said...

i just dl it i love this as a single
do u know if it will be 1