Which Fashion Femmes Shared a Smooch? J.Lo & Kate Moss

Talk about a friendly greeting! When two fashionistas hit the same NYC fete, they didn't bother with the typical air kisses on each cheek.

These two puckered up on the lips right in front of photographers.

The lady on the left is known for flaunting her enviable asset, while the girl on the right is famous for her waif like frame.

Find out which stars are smooching after the jump!

Britain meets the Bronx...it's Kate Moss and Jennifer Lopez! Who knew they were even friends?

Both glamor girls hit the Topshop/Topman launch dinner at Balthazar. Although J.Lo acted like she was BFF with Kate, she actually brought along Marc Anthony as her date for the dinner party...think he was jealous or excited to watch his wife kiss Kate?


Jasmine said...

Why the hell is Jen kissing that frogface?!

The JLo Spot said...

ha ha, I think its just a cheek kiss, but the camera angle maid it more.