More kids, if Marc Anthony shares the Jennifer Lopez's load

Jennifer Lopez is ready for kids again ... just as soon as she’s sure her marriage is stable.

Although J.Lo isn’t currently pregnant (we caught her sipping a glass of Champagne at Topshop’s opening), the mega star is gearing up to expand her brood. “I could talk for a year about my kids,” she said afterward at the dinner at Balthazar, adding that the best thing about being a mom is “everything!”

Hubby Marc Anthony was more vocal about his desire to have a larger family right away. “I hope [we have more kids on the way] soon!” he told us, earning an enthusiastic nod from his wife of nearly five years.

The couple appears to be in perfect harmony. During Wednesday night’s fete, the two even chorused to Jennifer Hudson’s “I Love You I Do.” But insiders say that despite outward appearances, Lopez is desperately trying to save her marriage.

“Jennifer is determined to make it work with Marc,” a source close to the couple confides. “But these two have serious, serious issues. Jennifer feels like Marc is holding her career back, and she was sick of his social butterfly mentality while she stayed at home with the twins. There are times when she’s had it, and close to ending it. She’ll throw down her ring and say, ‘That’s it.’ But when Marc realizes he’s about to lose her, he comes right back to Mommy. She enhances his life — she’s a huge star and good for him, and he does love her.

And while J.Lo has always wanted a big family, she isn’t ready to make that commitment until she’s certain she and Marc will last.

“She wants to make sure her marriage is secure before she has more kids,” says the pal. “Jennifer needs to ascertain that Marc will assume his half of the parental responsibility.

“She will never give up the red carpet, and certainly doesn’t want to be barefoot and pregnant, locked down or locked up. She wants to give [1-year-olds Max and Emme] siblings, but she loves the attention of the spotlight. She does not want to be a stay-at-home mom.”

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