Seeing J.Lo & Kate Moss at Topshop

Here we have added a fan encounter with Jennifer Lopez and Kate Moss from a fan that attended the Topshop event yesterday.

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Story by stupdfamus

Topshop is opening a store in New York, which means Kate Moss is in town!

Last night we followed the ever-hip, googly-eyed model from her hotel to a Topshop party at the Balthazar Restaurant.

Just as Kate arrived and headed for the press carpet, guess who magically appeared beside her? Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony!

Of course we ran up as close as we could (without being press credentialed for the red carpet) and while literally physically fighting with security guards, managed to get a shot off of the superstar threesome right over the crowd of photographers.

J.Lo has made a habit of showing up to huge events like this one and suddenly ending up arm in arm with the most famous name in the building. Well, it's all about the publicity.

We are probably not going to be seeing these three megastars hanging out together again in this lifetime.

(Unless of course the billionaire owner of Topshop, Sir Philip Green, decides to buy them all up for another evening appearance tomorrow night)


Jasmine said...

cool story. But I don't like that kate moss woman.

Shevy said...

ha ha why is that Jasmine? Is it all the nose candy she uses lol.

Jasmine said...

haha shevy, why should I like her?
She's probably a good model but she's just like every other model. She only a little more famous because she likes to get photographed taking the 'nose candy'. :)

The JLo Spot said...

lol you dont have to like her, I dont really care for her either, only for JLo : )