Top 5 Most Famous Backup Dancers

These people have taken a job that nobody respects, and turned it into a career that several people might care about.

5. Chris Judd
Judd began his career at 21 as a backup dancer with Disney, and has since danced his way onto the stage with the likes of NSYNC. He has choreographed countless videos and tours, and has had small roles as an actor. His biggest claim to fame, however, is marrying Jennifer Lopez after he directed her video in 2001. Nice moves, Chris.

4. Wade Robson
First hired as a backup dancer for Michael Jackson videos, Wade is a talented dancer who was the go-to choreographer for Britney Spears. Robson capitalized on America’s inexplicable love of watching people dance with his own show, The Wade Robson Project, which was around way before the networks’ crappy dance shows.

3. KFed
Not with talent, but with sheer name recognition, Kevin Federline seized the opportunity that Britney Spears gave him, and he has become a symbol of what a wife beater and a fake attitude can get you in life.

2. JLo
Jenny Lopez’s first gig, with mainstream exposure, was on the sketch comedy show, In Living Color. Even to this day as a major recording artist and actress, it’s her dancing that is still her most impressive talent. She then “paid it forward” by jump-starting another dancer, Chris Judd’s career.

1. Madonna
Before becoming an adoption-addict, practicing Jew, “actress”, “singer”, and overall center of attention with a fake British accent, Madge was a backup dancer for French disco singer Patrick Hernandez. 30 years, 12 kids from 4 continents, 6 husbands, and 19 identities later, she is practically the most famous person on the planet. Never give up on your dreams kiddies.


Anonymous said...

its crazy to see Jen on the list. it shows how far she has come. -- Cattt

The JLo Spot said...

I know, just the thought of her being names as a top BACKUP DANCER. It was kind of surprising at first. I was like, she hasn't been that for years now. lol.

Anonymous said...

"I was like, she hasn't been that for years now. lol." ROFL!! ROFL!! I guess i haven't thought about her being that person in years, either. : ) -- Cattt

The JLo Spot said...

LOL I know its kind of funny LOL.