Alesha: I want a J-Lo bottom

Alesha Dixon has apparently said she wishes she was bigger.

The Strictly Come Dancing star told Company magazine she'd love to have a bottom like curvy Jennifer Lopez.

The Boy Does Nothing singer said: "I always want to put on weight and I am still trying to get that Jennifer Lopez bum!"

She went on: "I know it sounds weird that I'd rather put on weight, but I am averse to losing it - I prefer myself with more weight on.

"Personally, I think I look healthier, I just wish it went where I wanted it to!"

However, Alesha, who recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief, said she doesn't spend too much time worrying about her body.

"I don't place too much emphasis on it, that's my secret," she said.

"For me, the ambition in my life isn't to achieve a washboard stomach, as long as I'm healthy, exercising and eating fruit and veg, I'm not going to deprive myself of chocolate. Up the mountain, I ate bags of Minstrels - they were my power sweet!"

Alesha added: "Any woman has days when they feel great and days when they don't, that's the beauty and the beast of being a woman - we are our own worst enemy."


Jasmine said...

If I were her, i'd wish for Jlo's voice instead of her ass.

The JLo Spot said...

Wow ha ha.

Anonymous said...

dang jasmine! lol! lol! -- Cattt