Producer Papuly's J.Lo Story

A good friend of ours and Television Producer Papuly has graciously contributed another Jennifer Lopez exclusive with us. He was the T.V. Producer that brought us our exclusive look at some rare Jennifer Lopez interviews that we posted for you all awhile back. And now he is sharing his story about his meeting with Jennifer for the first time.
Thanks again to our good friend Papuly and please check out the pictures,videos, and story he has shared with us below.

Pix of Papuly and his VJ with Jennifer Lopez

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Papuly's Fan Story about meeting Jennifer Lopez to interview her for his t.v. show.

"There were at least 20 channels that were waiting to interview her. As with all press junkets we had been given "our time slot". So we waited, and waited - I guess everybody was making the best out of their only meeting with her, and asking extra questions :) When we were ushered in I noticed two things - the huge 7 feet tall bodyguard and the sweet smell in the room - aromatic candles and flowers - is what I realized later.

She was so happy to see us - and especially when we said we are from India - "WOW", she exclaimed - "thank you for coming all the way". It was a sweet gesture on her part. We settled down to the interview - my VJ on the couch, me on the side-lines waiting to give out instructions if need be. We had pored over our research and questions many times over along with endless cups of strong black coffee at the hotel. Nervous, yeah I guess we were. But the interview went off brilliantly. And I was told by her PR and the record label PR that no photographs or autographs would be allowed, and that we should not bother her by asking.

But I could not let this once in a lifetime chance go by... so I politely asked her if we could click a pic with her... and she smiled and graciously agreed - her agents and the PR people be damned :)



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