Jennifer Lopez: My Abs Are "Pretty Flat for Having Twins"

Jennifer Lopez has a reason to brag.

"My abs are pretty flat for having twins!" Lopez -- who welcomed Max and Emme in February 2008 -- told at a Scott Barnes book launch fete in NYC Wednesday.

What's her secret?

"Nothing crazy," swore the singer-actress, 40. "It's about being consistent. That's it."

Although she admits she doesn't have time to hit the gym every day, she tells Us, "You have to put the work in."

Lopez mixes up her routine, hitting the StairMaster, boxing, biking and lots of lunges "to keep those thigh muscles firm," she told the New York Post last week.

Not that she wants to get too slim.

"It's true I could serve coffee using my rear as a ledge, but I'm proud of my butt," she said. "A dress shouldn't look like a coat hanger. Skinny girls miss out.

Jennifer Lopez Abs

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