Jennifer Lopez on Cover of Latina Magazine

Jennifer Lopez says "everything is great" in her marriage to Marc Anthony, she tells Latina magazine in its February issue.

"First and foremost, we love each other, truly love each other in a way that's very deep and meaningful, not in a superficial sort of way. There's a deep respect, admiration and love for each other. We honestly believe that we make each other better people. We force each other to be better, and I think in a relationship, that's how it should be. You shouldn't be with somebody if he makes you feel less than who you are."

What does JLo say about looking at past work featuring exes: "Exposed? Vulnerable? Do I cringe? [Laughs] No, no, it's a literal snapshot. Every one of my albums is very spot-on with who I was at the time. ... I can't regret the things I did in the past, like putting somebody in a video that I was with. Who cares? I think people relate to me because they know that I'm not being phony."

On fame: "Your world becomes smaller, so yeah, it is a weird reality. You stop doing things like having a key in your pocket, opening the door for yourself because you become so busy. All of a sudden, somebody takes that over for you. You do lose touch a little bit; anybody who says they don't is a liar. ... I have found myself lately saying it needs to be more simple. I can't have all these people around, especially once you have children. I've been able to always keep a good perspective. I've never, thank God, gone completely off into the stratosphere. I'm not saying I haven't had my moments [laughs], but I'm always able to come back."

Jennifer also talks about her missed chance on winning an Oscar.

I feel like I had that [Oscar worthy role] in El Cantante, but I don’t even think the academy members saw it. I feel like it’s their responsibility to do that, to see everything that’s out there, everything that could be great. Well, it is a little bit frustrating. It was funny; when the Oscars were on, I had just given birth on the 22nd, and the Oscars, I think, were a day or two later.

"I was sitting there with my twins—I couldn’t have been happier—but I was like, ‘How dope would it have been if I would’ve won the Oscar and been here in my hospital bed accepting the award? Thank you so much! I just want to thank the academy!’ But we joked about it. It’s all good."

From Jennifer Lopez' February Latina Magazine Cover



Filis said...

I want her to stop talking about her marriage to that looser ugly fuck face dead drugged up skeleton and start talking about her CAREER.

Jasmine said...

Don't like that pic.
I agree Filis...

Anonymous said...

I like the pose, but what in the world is going on w her face ??? -- Cattt