Jennifer Lopez Shopping in South Beach, Miami 1.8.10

Jennifer Lopez did some shopping earlier today hitting up a number of local boutique in South Beach in Miami, Florida.

Jennifer tweeted this comment today about her time in Miami;

JLo's twitter

"Walking around Lincoln Rd. in Miami Beach thinking about way back when no one really knew who I was… Today though, it's just CRAZY! "

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Anonymous said...

Bookmarked this. Thanksgiving owing to you after sharing. Undoubtedly advantage my time.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that she titled her Twitter JLo cuz she always seemed to tire of it now. -- Cattt

Jasmine said...

hhmmm... Not a fan of the outfit, It looks kinda stupid...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember hearing from the Psychic Twins a couple of months ago saying that they predict Jen & Marc will split in a couple of years? They will end up moving on to other loves. The twins also predicted on a show that Jen would be pregnant and she did announce it Nov 2007. -- Cattt