Jennifer Lopez Likes Having Time Off

Jennifer Lopez says her children have given her the perfect excuse to take time off.

The Jenny From The Block diva — who welcomed twins Max and Emme in February last year — admits she used to be so career-minded she never had time for anything else.

But now that she has a family, Lopez doesn’t want to go to work.

“I love working but you can get used to having time off! Staying at home with the kids, just watching everything they do, is awesome. I love every minute of it.”

Lopez recently revealed that she struggled to lose her post-pregnancy pounds.

“It did take a lot of work,” she said of getting back into shape. “I thought it was going to drop off easily because I’d been in shape my whole life. But it wasn’t easy.

“It was an uphill struggle. I had gained about 50lb while pregnant. The first 30lb dropped off like that and I was so pleased. Then I had to lose the last 15 or 20lb that just didn’t want to go. I had to diet and work out a lot.”

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