Jennifer Lopez Fashionable Sunglasses

From CFS:

Jennifer Lopez - Dsquared - DQ 0019

Ummmm, so as excited as we are about this new brand, Dsquared, I'm not sure how excited we are about this pair. Like obviously it's a shape for women, but the chunkiness of the frames along with the big gold logo just isn't as flattering as a style for women could be. Maybe it's just not the right pair for Jenny from the block :)

Jennifer Lopez - Barton Perreira - Breed Love

Damn, these look nice on Jennifer. It's from Barton Perreira and it's called Breed Love. This aviator style has a lot more fullness to the teardrop shape than most aviators. It's also rocking some leather detailing across the bridge on the frame. You could almost compare these to a Rolex; they're timeless and luxurious. Definitely a style for men, and women can wear them too ;)

Jennifer Lopez - Tom Ford - TF131 Lilliana

This is like the perfect pair of Tom Fords for Jennifer to wear. The Lilliana has everything we love; it's big, it's a beautiful color and it has the window of space between the temple and the lens. Ladies, this is another really good one from Tom Ford to pick up.

Jennifer Lopez - Roberto Cavalli - Orine 183S

I was just asking myself what ever happened to that J-Lo lady and BAM, here she is, new haircut and all. Honestly, these look hot on Jennifer and match her color really well. It's kinda like an aviator shape with temples that have the Cavalli RC logo covered in crystals. You can buy these here.

Jennifer Lopez - YSL - 6184/S

Jennifer is wearing everyone's favorite YSL style here. We believe that all the ladies like this one because it's like a fashion style that looks kinda casual or sporty with the clear temple detailing. That or YSL is handing these out on Hollywood Blvd. You can find these here.

Jennifer Lopez - Lanvin - Saratoga

Jennifer was seen recently in Lanvin sunglasses. Who's Lanvin you ask? Well, I'll just tell you that it's one of the best French designers around and you should check out their stuff at We haven't seen a lot of stars in this one, but believe us when we say these are a must have. Hopefully we will see more sunglasses from this amazing designer.

Jennifer Lopez - DVB - #2

Jennifer was spotted in DVB style #2. This has become a popular style with the stars as just recently Miley Cirus was seen in the same style. Who do you think owns it?

Jennifer Lopez - Balenciaga - BAL 0003/N/S

J-Lo is wearing Balenciaga and the more that I see this pair the less I like it. It does look nice on some stars, but really the shape is kind of odd and old looking. Even though I've given this a 4 before, this time it's getting a 3. Available here!


AlexO said...

she's so stylish she must spend thousands on glasses

Jasmine said...

^i think so too, i bet she has so many!
btw i like that 6th pic, not cus of the sunglasses but that pic was taking in Belgium :) :) :)

The JLo Spot said...

Oh wow how cool Jasmine : )

Jasmine said...

you knew that hehe :)

The JLo Spot said...

Oh so thats the pic, I knew she was in the Netherlands in that pic but I didnt know she was in Belgium.

Jasmine said...

no she wasn't in the netherlands, only Belgium. Are we talking about the same pic here ? haha

Damon Von Borges said...

She is goddamn pretty and her glasses are exact designs for her. She amazes the way she carries each and every accessory. I found few replicas at a lower price at 39 Dollar Glasses