Jennifer Lopez: ‘Fake Belly Didn’t Make me Feel Broody’

Jennifer Lopez had to wear strap-on a pregnancy belly for her new movie The Back-Up Plan — but it didn’t make her feel broody.

The Jenny From The Block singer — who welcomed twins Max and Emme in February last year — has been wearing the fake tum for her upcoming flick, but instead of encouraging her to have more babies it just made her hot and sweaty and reminded her of being pregnant.

“It wasn’t weird wearing the belly at all,” she said. “It was so recent for me that I kind of remembered exactly what it was like. It’s not like a distant memory.

“But it still makes you hot and sweaty, even when it’s fake. The fake one was much easier than the real one though. Mine was much worse.”

Lopez, 40, recently revealed that she’s in no rush to get her music career back on track.

“I’m at a point in my life when I just don’t feel the need to put out anything unless I totally, absolutely feel it says what I want to say,” she said.


Te Te said...

Ha nice belly she got.

Shevy said...

Yeah its fake. The dress is so nice and she looks sexy but then it looks like she has this beer gut lol.