Lopez Won't Let Economy Dictate What She Wears

Jennifer Lopez has no plans to dress down at the Oscars on Sunday, just because the economy stinks.

The diva insists she'll be more J.Lo than Jenny From the Block when she arrives at the Academy Awards, because wearing borrowed gowns and jewelry is fun.

She tells the Women's Wear Daily Web site, "I don't think there's anything wrong with playing dress up right now. Who wouldn't want to wear borrowed dresses and borrowed jewelry?

"I think you can get criticized if you're wearing borrowed dresses now because it's borrowed, and I think you can get criticized if it's not because you bought it during the current economy.

"So, I say do what makes you happy and wear what you want because the only thing that really matters is if your mother calls you up the next day and says, 'What were you wearing?"

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