Fan Pix of J.Lo @ Gay Pride

Here is another story we have from a fan that had the chance to see Jennifer Lopez perform at the Gay Pride Parade in New York City back in 2006. They included a short story and some pictures they took from the show.
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Story by GCL

Summary from awhile back on the night of Gay Pride

I'm still reeling from an OOBE (out-of-body-experience). The sensation is only beginning to come back to my hands and feet. The ringing in my ears is subsiding.

Miss Jennifer Lopez, La Gran Diva from the BX, exploded on to the stage at the Heritage of Pride Dance on the Pier. Rumors were going around that she was going to be the surprise guest at the show, and sho'nuff at 10:30pm she did her damn thing.

James and I were fortunate enough to be super close to the stage (as you can see from the pix above). It's been an incredible night.


Anonymous said...

wow cool another one cool for u gcl

Anonymous said...

nice story u look like u got a nice seat at the show