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We had so much fun watching Jennifer Lopez, SELF editor-in-chief Lucy Danziger and 3,200 other racers (including quite a few other celebrities!) compete in last weekend's Nautica Malibu Triathlon that we don't want the excitement to end. Check back tomorrow for more of our favorite moments from the event.


After swimming half a mile, Jennifer prepped for the 18-mile bike course. The bike leg can be nerve-racking with other racers vying for space, especially around tight turns. But she already had a plan to keep herself up on two wheels: "When I was watching the Olympics, I saw all the bikers down low on their handlebars. But I like holding on right where the brakes are! I want to be ready; you never know when a squirrel or bunny or little rugrat is going to come running out."


We were so thrilled to see Jennifer having fun during the race—especially while biking. She's come a long way since the first time she took her bike out on the road.


Two legs of the race down, one to go! Before embarking on the 4-mile run, Jennifer was cheered on by husband Marc Anthony, producer Simon Fields (in black, closest to the cameraman) and her sister, Lynda (she's behind Jennifer—you can see her hand). When Jennifer started training, she told SELF: "I know that after the triathlon, my confidence is going to be higher. It will be like, 'I can do anything!'"


A track star growing up, Jennifer has always felt most comfortable about the running leg of the triathlon. "I'm so competitive, it's crazy! I just have to remember to go at my own pace," she said.


We showed this photo on Tuesday, but we had to post it again. Her face perfectly relays all the excitement, pride, thrill, joy and exhaustion you feel after reaching such an extraordinary goal. (And those bicep muscles are pretty cool, too.) After tracking Jennifer's training since early August, we feel like proud friends. Good job, Jennifer!

September 18, 2008

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