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When SELF caught up with Jennifer Lopez and her trainer Gunnar Peterson for a workout, we weren't surprised to see Jennifer "kick ass," as her T-shirt predicted. Have we mentioned that we love what a real, unabashed athlete this superstar is? We were shocked, though, that she could bike through a public park without a single paparazzi trailing and without any other bikers and runners noticing the superstar.

"I go all out. I wear the baseball cap, sunglasses, helmet. You've got to wear a helmet. And I'll wrap an old shirt around my waist. Nobody recognizes me, but just in case, I don't want someone taking a picture of my ass!"

Jennifer's got nothing to worry about—her body is in amazing shape. (Plus, what's more attractive than reaching goals like a triathlon and raising money for charity?) She even makes a helmet look sexy. Check her out, hamming it up in the picture above, taken at the bike shop.

Aside from an incognito style, what else is important in a helmet? "You've got to go for comfort, but it should fit snuggly on top of your head," Peterson says. "Those people who perch it on the back of their skull are more worried about getting a good tan than protecting their heads. If you don't know how to adjust yours, go to a bike shop and let them help you. The interesting thing the pros told us: Even the best helmets are designed for only one impact. If you take a fall, and yours hits the ground, get a new one."

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Keep checking back to read more about Jennifer's triathlon training progress and charity initiatives.

September 04, 2008

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