UPDATE:Jennifer Lopez on Today's Entertainment Tonight

The JLo Spot Write Up:
ET has shown new scenes of The Back-Up Plan which aired on today's episode. They showed great never before scene clips including the scene where Jen's character, Zoe finds out she is pregnant. They also showed Zoe asking one of her best friends, Clive to help her with pregnancy and explaining why he should be her "baby daddy," which he is reluctant to do.

That is where this picture comes from (his reaction).

There is also a very funny scene that shows Zoe (Jen) at the clinic to have her In Vitro procedure done and she is walking with her legs closed very tightly as to not loose... well you know the rest lol. ET also showed scenes where Zoe and Stan (Alex) meet each other several times, and they show their scene from inside the taxi cab ride.

Similar to this one

Tonight's episode also showed Jen playing tug of war with a dog in the film for her pregnancy stick, and a work out scene with SNL's Michaela Watkins' character Mona.

A very funny scene shows Stan telling Zoe he loves her for the first time as Zoe's reaction is to throw up, due to being pregnant, which is when she reveals the big pregnancy news to Stan.

This was from the throw up scene.

Another hilarious clip shown was Zoe witnessing another mother in labor to which she yells while watching, "Eww what is that?!"

Also included was a small clip of Stan spilling the red wine on Zoe's dress.

And of course they showed a little clip of that kissing scene.

ET mentions that the film will be out early in Spring 2010.

Here are some pix of a few more clips they show on ET that we didn't mention.
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The JLo Spot Write Up:
Jennifer Lopez will be on today's episode of Entertainment Tonight. The show will feature exclusive never before scenes from Jennifer Lopez and Alex O'Loughlin's film, "The Back-Up Plan." Some scenes include Jennifer's character, Zoe telling Alex' character Stan, she is pregnant. And another sneak peak scene showed Zoe asking Clive, another character in the film played by Eric Christian Olsen, "Will you be my baby daddy," as they dine in a romantic restaurant.

Be sure to check your local listing for today's Entertainment Tonight for more funny scenes with Jennifer Lopez and Alex O'Laughlin in The Back-Up Plan.


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