JLo Fan Story in Chile by KOYO

Thank you KOYO for your wonderful story.
Here is Jennifer Lopez fan KOYO's experience on seeing Jennifer Lopez in Chile.

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So, before tell u all my travesy to go there and get inside the casino, driving for hours to finally get mi seat... i'll just talk about "that moment".
So the casino and hotel (which was th reason why Jennifer and Marc has come to inaugurate) was incredible, it's the most biggest casino by southamerica, so all what i was imaginating was true, the place was unvelievable, only weird because the fact it was closed just 4 the people who was to see the show, so, it was cool anyways cause the whole casino was in our feet for us.

So, 8:00 pm we finally get our places, just by side of the hotel, and i was so curious about which one was the room where jennifer was In, for my surprise the whole 6th floor was. and from where was sitted u can see the entire building so close, that we could saw a lot of time people walking in, and in a white-sleepy-shirt: jennifer trought the window and taking out her arm to take a pic from us. it was...

so... 2 hours next, we still under a beautiful fully of stars heaven, and after hear and see so many fans of marc and jennifer telling us stories about how they came to place... the show was about to start. so the moment was there, and having a great view of the stage and the little road between this and the hotel, the people was start to scream when a Big black Van was comming from the top of the bulding... inside? Jennifer Lopez and MArc anthony...

22:15 pm: lights of, music on and the biggest 3D projections ever was in front of our eyes, making the building looks since appear to burn, sumerge, full of butterflies, eating by a pac man, birds, and almost all i ever could imaginate tehy could make like if it was real. just at the front of the hotel.


Finishing this... music started and at the top of the stage the most powerfull and strong voice got me like OMG

There he was, and I swear, i'll never, ever, ever, ever say something bad or wrong about it. he won my respect. Man... he's amazing, hes just like singing perfection and people adores him. u know, Marc was funny, sensitive, just and adorable man, he let the bodyguards back to people get close to him and give him them gifts and things... he laugh, he almost cry for the love of the people, and he won my respect song on song.

23:16 pm: after almost an hour the moment was closer, and each song on song 7000 people started to ask for Her... so Marc smiles... for that moment my legs was like shaking, i remember i cannot even believe it i was there, it was completely out of this world, u know... i was like crazy between trying to take a good angle by the stage, trying to control my body for the shaking, my breath was starting to get like a disaster, mom next to me anouncing song on song "now she comes" now she comes"... and trying not to kill myself because the "woman-man" who was screaming behind us... so while lights was off, i've finally get some relax and breath and then in a full lights stage and extremely high crowd ovation "escapemonos" was started to sound... and i've just thoug "now i'm dying"...

"in a very short white fixed minidress, showing the most beautiful and perfect body i've ever seen, a tender smiley jennifer lopez appears slowly walking byt the side of the stage- on the same "louboutins" she used at the SYTUCD the day before she arrives in chile- to a even more romantic Marc anthony who giving her the pass to sing her part, looking a the crowd like saying "Here she is Chile"...

"escondamonos de la multitud, del absurdo dia a dia, donde todas estas que perturben, no esten mas en nuestras vidas, en nuestras vidas" she sang in the most perfect voice i've ever hear from her live. Man she was perfect, perfect power, perfectly strong, perfectly beautiful... and for that moment the crow was like freezing... i remember to saw the audience and it was like they cannot even believe she was there, Jennifer Lopez in chile right next of our eyes..."


for the bridge and at the order by jenn: "VAMOS CHILE!!" people was like crazy, the ovation was total and i think them dance moves, smiley faces to crowd, a perfectly sweet chemistry on stage really stole of hearts and make the audience pray for another song. that was when "no me ames" explode in our faces and ive saw many many people and couples dancing and crying because the beautiful performance and because the fact than nobody ever could imaginate before that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony was someday to come to the very end of the world to gave us the most beautiful and greatest moments of our lives in such private and close concert for Us.


For the people who like me and mom had the opportunity to be here at this kind of gala and exclusive concert, i swear it will be recorded for ever in our minds and heart. after say good bye to back to USA, they give the start to the most wonderful pirotechny and the most amazing fireworks productions in the americas, payed by the casino to come and put the finish to this unforgettable 2 days inaugurarion party under the stars.



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Great story man thanks : ) again KOYO

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Wow that was crazy! -- Cattt