Jennifer Lopez Hairstyles

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Jennifer Lopez is known the world over for her music, movies, marriages and yes, even her Sedu Hair Styles.

Second only to Jennifer Aniston in picture requests, Jennifer Lopez's sedu hairstyles are also highly sought after. She has sported many of the most popular hairstyles in years. It seems, at times her hair sedu hairstyles actually reflect the personalities of the men she's with.

Jennifer Lopez's sedu hairstyles still create a rage among the fashion conscious. Sending tens of thousands of people screaming to their stylists to copy her latest sedu hair-do. From her corn rows to her straight and sleek to her conservative tied back style, Jennifer Lopez has always made a statement. And when it comes to sedu hairstyles, no one is more creative than J.Lo.

Jennifer Lopez Sedu Hairstyle Pictures:


The photo on the left shows Jennifer waving to the crowd at the MTV tr3 promotion. On the right she acknowledges a crowd at the FYE store in the bronx. The long free flowing Sedu is her look for March.

Here's Jen at Rodeo Drive Walk of style Awards with her new straight sedu hairstyle with sweeping bangs. This new do gives her face a longer, slimmer look.


These two styles are very similar yet her hairdo on the left has a little more body.

I used to think that all it took to copy Jennifer Lopez's sedu hairstyles was a Sedu flat iron, protectant spray and hair spray. But after looking at these pictures, I think it would help if you can hire a team of stylists. These pictures show four different hairstyles, and all these pictures were taken within 2 months of each other. I guess if your Jennifer Lopez, you have to give your fans and the media different looks.

J. Lo showing off more of her diversified hair styles. She even experimented with some lighter tones. The combed back quick do and the luxurious pinned back with flat ironed bangs.


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Anonymous said...

The style w/ the hair over her eyes does make her look like a completely different person. I love it! -- Cattt