Jennifer Lopez shopping for a home in Vero Beach

Jenny from Vero may not be as catchy as Jenny from the Block, but the Vero part could come true.

Bootyful Latin diva Jennifer Lopez and her salsero hubby, Marc Anthony, share time between Los Angeles, New York and Miami. But now they’re looking for a beachfront weekend home on the Treasure Coast.

La Lopez and her little guy are particularly interested in the north side of Orchid Island, a barrier island near Vero Beach. She has concentrated her search in the area where Miami sound moguls Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s $1.5 million crib in the dunes.

The weekly Vero Beach 32963 reports today that La Lopez spent a discreet weekend earlier this month at Vero’s Costa D’Este Resort as she house hunted. The hotel happens to be owned by none other than the Estefans.

Lopez and Anthony and the Estefans have been muy simpatico since both couples became minority owners of the NFL’s Miami Dolphins last year.

With watering-holes shutting down by midnight on a wild night and no real nightclub, Vero’s a far cry from the bustling places where Lopez and Anthony usually hang out. But then, it’s the kind of town where celebrities like baseball hall-0f-famer Sandy Koufax and former tennis superstar Ivan Lendl live unnoticed.


“Celebrated interior designer Tui Pranich—seen here with Jennifer Lopez—is a Cornell architecture school graduate with an extensive list of clients worldwide. He just completed Francis Ford Coppola’s apartment on South Beach, and is working with J.Lo and Marc Anthony on their new pad. Last year he launched Tui Lifestyle, a turnkey interior-design furniture package that he believes is the future direction of the design world.”



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Jasmine said...

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